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1. Can I buy 1pc only?

No. As Normal Customer you have to buy a minimum of 3pcs per order and you are allowed to mix designs. As Agent Member you are allowed to buy only 1pc.

2. Can you provide us the wholesale price?

All the prices stated in our website are wholesale price. You just need to place a minimum order of 3pcs items to enjoy the wholesale price.

3. Are all your items all ready stocks?

Yes. All our items are ready stocks.

4. The items I am interested in, is sold out / out of stock, are they restock-able?

Yes. Most of the items here are restock-able, it normally take 1 to 3 weeks duration. For non-restockable items, it will be removed from listing after sold out.

5. I have already added items to cart. Does this mean you will reserve my orders?

No. You have to check out the order. Once the order is checked out, we will reserve your order for only 2 days. Reservation will be cancelled without notice if payment is not made within 2 days. Applicable for both normal customer and agent member.For normal customer purchase the item please kindly make the payment or email us the order ID and let us know when you will made the payment . without any message from normal customer herdivaonlinefashion will cancel the item anytime .

6. I have already submitted my order. Can I change or add something to my order?

Once an order is checked out, it is final. It cannot be changed in any ways. You cannot remove, add or exchange anything to this order as it will disrupt our stock inventory. If you would like to add or modify, you must start with a new order. So, please double check your order prior to submission.

7. I have already submitted my order for pre-order items. Can I cancel or change my order?

No. Once a pre-order is checked out, it is final. It cannot be changed in any ways because the order have been processed. Although No stock after 7 to 10 days arrive we will message our customer ASAP exchange to ready stock. please do not make a complaint why herdivaonlinefashion have no contact us early this item are out of stock. We are trying our best to get all of the stock that you purchase . because some of the item are out of stock or old stock.

8. Will I need to pay for taxes and duties on my package? If so, how much?

It depends. Duties and taxes are different in every country and many factors are in play in determining if you need to pay. Every shipment may be subjected to import taxes and customs duties levied by the destination country once the shipment enters your country.  If you do get charged, the fee will have to be paid when the item is delivered to your house or when you pick up the package at the post office. We are not responsible for taxes and duties payment. Therefore, the recipient have to pay the fees.  We have no control over these charges and can't predict how much they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country. You may want to contact your local customs office for further information.Herdivaonlinefashion will try to help our customer to avoid 60% . If there any custom want to tax your shipment we can't do anything we hope you are understanding for all this.please kindly do NOT BLAME herdivaonlinefashion or we PAY FOR TAX this is different country we can't promise everything on custom.

9. Why are your prices stated in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR)? How do I know how much would that be in my local currency?

On the top right menu, you may choose your country currency. If none of your country currency is available, you may choose US Dollar. When you are making payment using Credit Card, you will be charged in RM (Ringgit Malaysia). Your credit card company will bill you in your local currency. 

10. I am a Singaporean buyer. Can I pay in Singapore Dollar (SGD) currency?

Yes. You can make transfer to our company DBS account, pay using PayPal or Credit Card in Singapore Dollar (SGD). 

11. Can I mix ready stock with pre-order items in my order?

Yes. Normal customer can order a minimum of 7 pcs pre-order items with the rest being ready stock items. Agent member are eligible for minimum 1pc pre-order item. 

12. How do I know if you are a legitimate seller? I do not want to make payment and never receive my goods. Any reassurance?

Yes. You can come and visit us at our showroom located across the Causeway and speak with our customer service staff for location. We have a registered business name and license with the Registrar of Company.  Trusted Company AAA+++

13. can i return the shipment ?

Yes can return the shipment anytime or exchange , shipping fees born by reseller or normal customer for return and exchange or resend. If the item are damage , stain , sizes wrong or any other problem shipping fees born by herdivaonlinefashion return and resend.If the sizes different 1cm or 3.5cm herdivaonlinefashion will not exchange the product for you as our FAQ or the color are different only abit herdivaonlinefashion also not acceptable for this.all of the status product are correct and the photo 99% are the same product.

14. can you deal with my customer because she or he keeping message me the material are different and the clothing are different from the photo ?

Herdivaonlinefashion only deal with reseller or normal customer. We won't deal with your customer althought they make a complaint with you regarding the clothing material or sizes. item are sold out . herdivaonlinefashion are not accept return back. this is reseller customer herdivaonlinefashion will not message or call your customer to solve your problem.Reseller can let us know what is the problem we will solve for our reseller ASAP.

15. Hi i have other supplier photo can you help me to get their product ?

Yes herdivaonlinefashion can get their product in same material and lower price.

16. Can i return the parcel because customer did not want anymore or herdivaonlinefashion send you the wrong size , color & wrong stock. ?

herdivaonlinefashion only accept return , wrong sizes , color & wrong stock. we will return back the same product and there is no REFUND or CREDIT NOTE accepted.If your customer do not want anymore the product the way we can send to you or you can sell to other customer. We are not accept REFUND & CREDIT NOTE IMPORTANT.

17. I don't want this item anymore can you refund and credit note back to me?or i place the wrong order can i change it?


18. How come your company status the stock are ready stock but until the end you told me there is no more stock?

Yes our item is ready stock are always have stock in our warehouse. during some of the shipment custom was hold so herdivaonlinefashion decide to cancel and credit back all of the order for our reseller - WE ARE NOT REFUND BACK THE MONEY TO YOUR BANK. please note it. herdivaonlinefashion only credit back the account to you.Percentage of this case custom hold only 1% . If During Muslim Raya & Chinese new year custom will hold the shipment and check up each box we cant CONTROL malaysia custom whatever they do . herdivaonlinefashion only trying our best to get the ITEM ASAP.

19. Hi i already purchase the product now you tell me the stock are out of stock?So how i can refund my customer money back ? or you will refund my cash bank to my bank account?

Hi Most of this problem only 1% percentage on herdivaonlinefashion. Sometimes during this custom hold or they asking for Higher Tax herdivaonlinefashion will not accept the HIGHER TAX we accept the lowers Tax During Muslim raya or chinese new year custom will always charge the higher tax we can't control the custom.please understanding.If you willing to wait for the stock we can re order again and send you ASAP. Of course the second box will NOT get custom hold again. Herdivaonlinefashion will use another way to solve it. We are NOT refund cash to your bank if you are NOT willing to wait for this item we will credit note back to herdivaonlinefashion account only.Please read carefully dear reseller and customer.

20. Hi how come your product are so expensive?

Hi Please kindly check it out those most MODERN DESIGN we are the cheaper in MALAYSIA. please compared with other supplier website.Of course herdivaonlinefashion 99.5% are cheaper than oursite supplier.

21. Hi I keep message your company using my handphone SMS why your company have no reply my message?

Herdivaonlinefashion receive SMS perday Without mention your order ID , Email , Reseller Name We will trying our best to reply your SMS. you can add us in WECHAT , WHATAPP we will reply ASAP. If you rushing to know more details Please kindly give us a call.Please DO NOT COMPLAINT Our Service WHY we not reply the message without any reseller or  order id  .

22. I have purchase your item already Why you never tell me this product can't return ?exchange?sizes?refund?credit note & Any other reason.

Hi our customer reseller too much we can't tell each other PER DAY & PER HOUR. please kindly read our FAQ and POLICY of herdivaonlinefashion status on website.please read carefully before submit any order & please do not BLAME herdivaonlinefashion why you HAVE NO TELLING ME ALL THIS. If you have any question please kindly live chat or email us we will reply ASAP as we can or Call Us anytime during office hours.Thanks you.

23. Hi can i change the item because damage or exchange other product or stain & other problem.

hi yes can change within 1 or 2 days after third day herdivaonlinefashion will NOT CHANGE for our reseller & normal customer please Check early and email us early.

24. Hi why you have cancel my order?I though have 2 or 3 day to hold for that?

Hello Yes we can cancel anytime if you have no make the payment or any notice us we will cancel straight. Please kindly understanding we have too much reseller to sell our product we need to cancel it. thanks you.

25. Hi may i know how come last time i bought the item and last few days why the price are different ?there is no more discount for reseller?or any bulk purchase for those korean design?

hi yes . we do not discount anymore we are the lower in malaysia supply trading. Herdivaonlinefashion provided the lower price for all clothing. there is no any further discount.although reseller , normal customer & bulk purchase - UNDER WOMEN FASHION. Please kindly note it this is lower price for all dresses and tops.Please Compare our price with other website the lower in malaysia. Please check our quality all of herdivaonlinefashion product are QUALITY 100%.Please refer on our website quality product link thanks you.

26. Hi i heard some of the website people mention the stock are COPYRIGHT?this is true?they keep message us please do not sell our product later we will send a warning letter?

Hi , Herdivaonlinefashion Make All the product by our own designer , there is nothing we copyright their product. the website competitor are unhappy our product because they mention our product are copyright. We Take action by later.PLEASE DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS WE MAKE ALL THE STOCK WE SELL ALL THE STOCK PRODUCT FACTORY MAKE BY HERDIVA SDN BHD ORIGINAL FROM OUR FACTORY THIS IS NOT COPYRIGHT.If there receive any message again please send back to this email - we will take advantage ASAP. please sell our product without any worries. thanks.

27. Hi may i know reseller what time we can submit the Dn Delivery Note ? Normally what time closing for all shipment process?How about normal customer too?

Hi Gday , For those Reseller Submit Dn delivery note Before 12pm , For Normal customer before 11am . Herdivaonlinefashion will try our best to ship all the shipment out .


Hi Dear Customer , our website did show HOW TO USE DROPSHIP please kindly check on there home page on your right hand site.

Hi Dear Customer , Please Kindly check your balance still negative money although Rm0.01 cents credit that you owe herdivaonlinefashion you must make the same payment to top up crystal member or bronze for us. Else the shipment are NOT GOING TO SHIP. OUT this is rules of company. Please kindly follow it & understanding.Please do not argue with us or quarrel thanks you for your understanding.

30.Hi can i cancel my account and finish buy my stock and all credit ?

Hi Nope we do not accept anymore REFUND CREDIT or NEGATIVE BALANCE to continue top up the amount such as Rm20 ringgit or Rm10 ringgit any amount that herdiva sdn bhd can't accept this amount again because we during this GST we need to charge back the top up amount following our agent member. PLEASE DEAR RESELLER NOTE THIS CASE. We are following GST GOV prosedure to accept all our Reseller top up money. Herdiva sdn bhd apologize to all reseller & Customer Thank you.


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