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Pos Parcel Shipping Info

Process Of Delivery         

  • All orders will be sent out during weekday except during public holiday via trusted and reliable courier service
  • You will receive an email confirmation along with the tracking number.
  • Order will be sent out on the same day if the sales order payment is received prior to 2p.m.
  • To ensure speedy and punctual delivery of package, please provide the correct/detail address, city, state, country and contact number as well.
  • For inter-bank payment, the order will only be delivered once the transaction of payment is complete which usually takes about 3 working days.
  • Pos Parcel Will take 7 to 14 working days.

International Shipping

Herdiva delivery to any country worldwide . For county not show in the chart below , kindly send a enquiry email to to get the delivery chargable fee of your country. 



Pos Parcel (Delivery 7 to 14 Working days).Tracking number Provided

    Weight KG
         Sarawak                Sabah          
3000-3500 RM17.50 RM18.50
3501-4000 Rm20.50 RM21.50
4001-4500 RM22.00 RM23.00
4501-5000 RM25.00 RM26.00
5001-5500 RM26.50 RM27.50
5501-6000 RM29.50 RM30.50
6001-6500 RM34.00 RM35.00
6501-7000 RM35.50 RM36.50
7001-7500 RM38.50 RM39.50
7501-8000 RM40.00 RM41.00
8001-8500 RM43.00 RM44.00
8501-9000 RM44.50 RM45.00
9001-9500 RM47.50 RM48.50
9501-10000 RM49.00 RM50.00
10001-10500 RM52.00 RM53.00
10501-11000 RM53.50 RM54.50
11001-11500 RM56.50 RM57.50
11501-12000 RM58.00 RM59.00
12001-12500 RM61.00 RM62.00
12501-13000 RM62.50 RM63.50
13001-13500 RM65.50 RM66.50
13501-14000 RM67.00 RM68.00
14001-14500 RM70.00 RM71.00
14501-15000 RM71.50 RM72.50
15001-15500 RM74.50 RM75.50
15501-16000 RM76.00 RM77.00
16001-16500 RM79.00 RM80.00
16501-17000 RM80.50 RM81.50
17001-17500 RM83.50 RM84.50
17501-18000 RM85.00 RM86.00
18001-18500 RM88.00 RM89.00
18501-19000 RM89.50 RM90.50
19001-19500 RM92.50 RM93.50
19501-20000 RM94.00 RM95.00

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